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Run a SFTP server with AWS S3 storage in Kubernetes

January 23, 2017

Run a SFTP server with AWS S3 storage in Kubernetes


git clone https://github.com/c4po/docker-s3fs.git
export AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID=xxxxx
export SFTP_USER=admin
export SFTP_PASSWORD=password
export SSH_KEY=~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub
export S3_BUCKET=mybucket
export S3_KEY=/
sftp -i ~/.ssh/id_rsa -P 30022 admin@aa.bb.cc.dd

Step 1: Mount AWS S3 to Linux

s3fs-fuse allows Linux and Mac OS X to mount an S3 bucket via FUSE.

Step 2: Dockerize s3fs-fuse

Dockerize s3fs-fuse is straightforward. However, there are some considerations about how to run s3fs and sftp server in the container. They can be both run as daemon process and foreground application. Here we choose to run s3fs as daemon process and sshd in foreground mode.

I also tried to run s3fs and sshd in 2 containers and use data volume to share data between them. However, s3fs-fuse is using libfuse to manage the filesystem mount. It cannot be recognized by docker volume.

Step 3: Run in Kubernetes

There are 2 things we should consider when run this in Kubernetes.

  • Secrets

We don’t want to put the AWS key to the pod definitions, so they need be read from secrets.

Load password into Kubernetes secets.

apiVersion: v1
kind: Secret
  name: s3fs-secret
type: Opaque
  sftp_user: YWRtaW4= # admin
  sftp_password: cGFzc3dvcmQ= # password
  aws_accesskey: xxxx
  aws_secretkey: xxxx

use secrets as environment variables:

    - name: AWS_ACCESSKEY
          name: s3fs-secret
          key: aws_accesskey
  • docker privilege

We need give the container enough privilege to allow s3fs-fuse to manage filesystem.

      privileged: true

Something about base64

When we manually create secrets in Kubernetes, the value need be base64 encoded. echo 'admin' | base64 is different than echo -n 'admin' | base64. We don’t want to have the newline character in the value. So be careful to use echo -n or printf to remove them.


  • Using AWS IAM role instead of pass AWS KEY to container

Zhiyuan(Max) Cai

Written by Zhiyuan(Max) Cai who lives and works in Toronto. github